Raspberry Pi Guitar Effect

I ordered a Behringer GUITAR LINK UCG102 clone, in order to complete the setup of a all in one Pure Data Raspberry Pi based Guitar effect pedal…

Guitar Link1

More informations here


2 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Guitar Effect

    • Hello Michele
      I’m currently workinf on a robotic project, but this one is the next on the ToDoList!!!
      I’m picking all stuff together, and reviewing the net to find PureData script ressources, in order to build my own digital effects.
      I have the guitar interface, the Raspi, 4 4.7KOhms pots and a SPI Analog IC (to get input of), a SPI graphical Oled display, in order to display a bright menu, and a bunch of components to get them connected and powered. Lacks footswitchs, OLED addressing library in python, a 16G sd card class10 and a case (not mentionning lot of time to build and debug the pedal!!!)
      More to come soon!

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